My Story:

Entrepreneurship is messy. It’s gritty. It’s a challenge. The fun is in the chase. Which is why I felt in love with it. I created my first business at 25,, and eCommerce platform selling traveling accessories to the on-the-go woman. I took the leap of faith, decided to not go to graduate school at Northwestern, and drove across country to ¬†pursue my dreams of building a business in California.


And, I failed. I had to pack up my stuff, move back to my parent’s house in Connecticut, and retool my life. To me, this experience was worth more than any MBA. I learned about business on the ground, from the school of hustle and hard knocks. I spent a year relentlessly consuming every business book, personal development program, and memoir of successful people that I could find.


I was hooked. With less than $1,000 in my pocket, I moved back to Los Angeles to start the Sulte Group and, a growth marketing consultancy and training company focused on building world-class agile marketing teams.¬†Bootstrapping Sulte taught me the power of audacity – there is nothing more potent than someone with the conviction and commitment to achieve success. When you are committed, you make the extra calls, show up at the event, ask for the ridiculous amount of money, speak at conferences you’re not even sure you should be at. I am most grateful for the experiences that have pushed me way out of my comfort zone, for the people who have challenged me, and for the moments that I wanted to quit. These are the moments that have shaped who I am everyday.


I build businesses. I make stuff to help people. Since my first company, I have gone on to start Blisbrands, a lifestyle technology company dedicated to developing solutions to help customers build healthier, happier, and wealthier lives. I’m also the founder of The Launch Village, a non-profit dedicated to building businesses around the world. I’m still riding the bull, and I’m not too sure if I’ll even get off.

Media Bio:

Teju Owoye is the Founder of the Sulte Group and, a growth marketing consultancy and marketing training platform. Sulte builds high-performance agile growth marketing teams to help companies keep up with changing consumer demands and preferences. She created The Sulte Method, a six- step agile growth marketing methodology that companies use to structure their internal growth teams.


Teju is also the founder of Blisbrands, a portfolio of lifestyle companies focused on building platforms to connect consumers to their best life. The first portfolio company is Bliswell, a platform that makes it easy to book alternative health and well-being providers. The second is Bliswork, a platform that makes is easy for anyone to work from where they feel inspired.


Teju is passionate about helping entrepreneurs around the world. She is working on The Launch Village, a non-profit dedicated to building businesses and mentorship programs around the world. She is also a mentor for Project ECHO and Youth Business Alliance.


Teju lives and plays in Los Angeles, CA.